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    Banovo Brdo

    Banovo brdo is a settlement in the municipality of Čukarica, only 6km away from the city center. The settlement is located in the municipality of Čukarica and tucked in between Čukarička padina, Ada Ciganlija, Košutnjak, Topčider and Žarkovo. The settlement is very convenient for families because of its surroundings and contents of the settlement. Banovo brdo functions as a town inside of a town – citizens of ‘’Brdo’’ have everything that is necessary for everyday life and leisure. From the entire territory of the settlement, there is a beautiful view of the other parts of the town, given that it is located at an elevation of 220m above sea level. The benefits of the inhabitants of the settlement ‘’Banovo brdo’’ are green oases – Košutnjak and Ada Ciganlija parks, which are rich in sports and recreational facilities. For these reasons, real estate on Banovo brdo are among the most wanted in the territory of Belgrade.

    BEGINNING – The area above Makiš, even during the Turkish rule, was known as Golo brdo, or, as the Turks called it – Ordija. Today, it is named after Matija Ban, a Dubrovnik politician and diplomat who, in the middle of the 19th century, built a summer house with a vineyard, surrounded by the fields. The property was located along today’s Kneza Višeslava Street, in the vicinity of the Hydro-Meteorological Institute. The citizens of Belgrade called the settlement “Banovina” and after his death, in 1903, the name “Banovo brdo” was established.

    POŽEŠKA – The central road that crosses the settlement is called Požeška Street. Due to the turning point and numerous lines of public transport, Banovo brdo is a connection between the center and southwestern urban settlements, such as Cerak, Vidikovac and Labudovo brdo. Also, Požeška Street is connected to Trgovačka Street, which continues to the Ibar Main Road, making travel easy.

    CAFES AND CINEMA – Most of the buildings along Požeška Street were built in the early 1970s of the last century. In addition to residential buildings, there is a large number of commercial buildings of various contents along Požeška Street. Besides the famous McDonald’s, many boutiques and cafes, Banovo brdo also has its own cinema. All these contents satisfy almost all the needs of the inhabitants of this part of Belgrade, so it is rightly said that Banovo brdo is “a city for itself”.

    GOLF RESORT AND SKI TRACK – The settlement also includes newly built modern parts of the settlement called “Golf Resort” and “Sunny Slope”, with its famous restaurants. The attractive Golf Resort is part of the Banovo brdo settlement on the very edge of Košutnjak. The favorite place of many visitors and locals is the place with the most beautiful view of Belgrade on the ski slope. In winter, you can enjoy skiing and a fire in the fireplace, and in summer you can enjoy the sounds of the forest and the soothing view that reaches Fruška gora. The demand for apartments in this location is constant, because the environment is full of greenery, paths for walking and recreation.

    BRIDGE ON ADA AND ADA MALL – The newly built infrastructure facility, “Bridge on Ada” connected this part of Belgrade with Novi Beograd, which can be reached in less than 10 minutes. The construction of a gondola is also planned, which will connect the municipalities of Čukarica and Novi Beograd with the already mentioned bridge. The new Ada Mall with plenty of leisure facilities is also nearby.

    PARK NEXT TO THE SCHOOL AND ADA CIGANLIJA – The most beloved park on the hill is across the street from the Elementary School “Josif Pančić”, which is one of the largest in Belgrade. Along with numerous parks and greenery, just a few minutes from the settlement, there is the so-called “Belgrade Sea” i.e. Ada Ciganlija, which has spacious beaches for summer enjoyment, long walks, numerous sports courts and a bike path.

    KOŠUTNJAK – In the immediate vicinity, there is also Košutnjak. This picnic area offers numerous places for barbecue with friends and family picnics in nature, as well as numerous sports activities, so the residents of Banovo brdo gladly visit it and often go there on foot.

    Nature, connection and accessibility with a multitude of contents are just a part of what Banovo brdo has to offer. Banovo brdo is an ideal combination of urban city life and nature.