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    Belgrade Waterfront

    Undoubtedly, the settlement Belgrade Waterfront “has taken” the title of the most attractive symbol of Belgrade. This new settlement is still sprouting, as a consequence of the greatest urban development in the region. Masterplan of the Belgrade Waterfront encompasses a variety of buildings, attractive to a wide range of users. The settlement gives pleasure to everyone who visits it, whether someone decides to take a walk on the promenade near the Sava River, or comfortable sitting in one of the parks or restaurants. Belgrade Waterfront is the most dynamic settlement in the capital, tucked into the river bank, intertwined with numerous micro-entities, paths, and green areas, suitable for both families and business people. The most modern settlement in the city provides a variety of contents in its facilities¬ – from the shopping mall, gallery, promenade and parks to the housing and commercial buildings and the spectacular Belgrade tower.

    BEGINNING – Aside from its modern looks, the great position in the city core on the banks of the Sava River has made this settlement quickly become number one for many visitors and users. Belgrade Waterfront will be formed in phases in the area between the Belgrade Fair and Branko’s Bridge, the Sava River and Savska Street. The beginnings of the idea of the Belgrade Waterfront date back to the year 2012 and the first construction started in 2015 with two residential buildings which are today the symbol of the settlement. The masterplan will be implemented in four phases, within the span of maximum 30 years.

    Buildings from the first phase which are finished, have already given character to the entire quarter. The site has already been inhabited for a few years, the works are in progress and the settlement is already alive.

    GALERIJA – One of the most attractive locations is the Galerija Shopping Center, opened in 2020, as the biggest in the region. This is the place where visitors can enjoy shopping, cafes, and restaurants, a wide variety of contents covering the area of 300,000 square meters. Galerija has the biggest green roof in the region, 3,600 parking spaces and the biggest trampoline park in this part of Europe.

    SAVA PROMENADE – The urban promenade is one of the most beautiful places in the new settlement. Aside from the walking path, separate paths for cycling, roller skates, jogging, and other sport activities are also available. Moreover, visitors can rest in cafes next to the promenade itself. What makes the promenade the most special place are the places along the river, large stairs for gatherings and enjoyment by the river.

    PARK – In addition to the wonderful promenade, there is also an attractive park as another option for entertainment, recreation, and spending time in nature. The park is equipped with various equipment for playing and recreation, painted joyful colors and filled with various photos.

    RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS – Belgrade Waterfront is currently one of the most luxurious locations in the city, with a high living standard. The settlement is convenient for living and business.

    BELGRADE TOWER – The tallest building in Serbia is the new symbol of Belgrade city. The tower functions as a hotel and suite accommodation, and aside from that has various contents – a pool, gym, spa and other relaxation facilities . There is a spectacular lookout at the very top.

    In only a few years since the works have started, Belgrade Waterfront has become the most modern place in Serbia. In addition, this is currently the most desirable settlement for living and doing business, which has lifted the capital city and Serbia to the world level.