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    The first association with the settlement of Senjak is exclusivity. It belongs to the municipality of Savski venac and is far enough away and tucked away from the center to justify its exclusivity. Senjak was a popular place to live among Belgrade artists, the so-called Belgrade’s Montmartre, where many famous people lived.

    Senjak, better known as Djurdjevo brdo before WWII, is one of the most peaceful and exclusive parts of Belgrade. Quiet area, full of greenery and pre-war buildings that today mostly serve as embassies and diplomatic residences. It is only 3 kilometers away from the center of Belgrade, stretching towards the western slopes of Topčidersko brdo, above the Sava River. Excellent infrastructure, cultural facilities, homes with interesting and vivid history, kindergartens, schools, the famous Academy of Fine Arts, as well as the illuminated and arranged Hyde Park, the namesake of the park from London, make this area a real urban oasis of the metropolis.

    Its green streets and many parks provide a pleasant haven from the noise and bustle of everyday life. That is why royal lineages, diplomats and successful people from Serbia and the world found their home in this settlement. Thanks to that, as well as the position of this settlement, which is isolated but again well connected with other important parts of the city, Senjak is known as one of the most elite settlements in Belgrade.

    BEGINNING – Senjak used to be a great place to watch, before it became interesting to the upper classes of Belgrade. Since the farmers kept hay all over Belgrade, fires often broke out, so it was ordered to keep the hay in one place, in the area of today’s Senjak. That is how Senjak got its name. Another interesting fact is that the first Belgrade tram line operated on the line from Kalemegdan to Senjak. In the past, Senjak belonged to the municipality of Topčidersko brdo, which merged with the municipality of Zapadni Vračar in 1957 (from which the municipality of Savski venac was formed).

    NATURE – The whole village is reminiscent of one large botanical garden, with beautiful parks for walking, playing or recreation.

    VILLAS – The settlement is ideal for family life, for those who can afford a slightly higher standard. Life takes place mostly in houses, beautiful old villas worth millions, but also newer modern residential buildings, away from everyday noise and crowds, in a beautiful environment, and yet near the city center, just a few minutes by car. Also, Senjak is close to Novi Beograd, which is an important financial part of the city where many companies and offices are located. Senjak is well connected with other parts of the city. One of the most beautiful streets is Puškinova Street.

    RESTAURANTS AND GREEN MARKET – Restaurants are among the first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Senjak. Well-known and favorite places of Belgrade citizens and other visitors are places such as Sheher Park Cafe, Grafičar, 27, Majdan, W Restaurant & Lounge, Rustique, Bizu, Steco house and many, many others. Senjak offers a wide selection of restaurants for different occasions. Depending on the occasion, different restaurants with their attractive interiors and ambiences with gardens in beautiful nature clearly indicate that Senjak is the city center for fans of extravagant lifestyle. In addition to excellent restaurants, the famous old green market on Senjak is an inevitable ritual of the inhabitants of Senjak. In the past, people used to come to Senjak to buy pork and beef, and the green market was considered the best supplied for “the rich”, because, as today, it was surrounded by magnificent villas, embassies and foreign residences.

    ADA AND HIPPODROME – For residents looking for more recreation, Ada Ciganlija, otherwise known as the “Belgrade Sea”, and a hippodrome, for riding enthusiasts, are not far away.

    SCHOOLS – There are many domestic and international schools in the settlement. Lots of fresh air, beautiful architecture, as well as a large community of people from other countries make Senjak and Topčider, but also nearby Dedinje, an ideal choice for both Serbian and international schools and kindergartens.

    Lovers of Senjak can enjoy the part of the city that is urban yet away from everyday crowds and noise, tucked away in the ambience of nature and residential pre-war and modern architecture.